Buying An Existing Domain Name For Your Business Website?

Buying an existing domain name to use for your business website can have some great benefits and get you to the top of search rankings quickly,  but, there is always a but!!!!  It can also massively affect your business in a negative manner if the previous owner abused it with bad link building techniques or… Continue reading

How We Australians Spend Our Time Online

Ever wanted to know how ozzies spend a typical hour online? Well the winner is social media, we are a very social bunch after all so it is no real shock. For more ways on how we spend an hour, take a look at comScore’s infographic below, or visit comScores post on – How Australia… Continue reading

AdWords Editor Checking Error

At a recent gathering of AdWords geeks, I found a few people saying they have not been able to use the Google AdWords Editor application due to a connection problem. The Error When starting up the AdWords Editor you are faced with the following error message. AdWords Editor Checking Error An error occurred while checking… Continue reading

Dan The Solar Man – Gold Coast Solar Experts

We would like to welcome Dan The Solar Man to the team. It is always exciting to work with Gold Coast based businesses, especially when they are experts in their field. Dan and the team are passionate about helping Gold Coast homes and businesses make the transition to a greener community by reducing our carbon… Continue reading

Auto King – Gold Coast & Brisbane Mobile Mechanics

Auto King started business on the Gold Coast in 2006 with a single van providing a mobile safety certificate service. Today, Auto King serve the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane and surrounding areas with a range of services that include safety certificates, pre purchase inspections, servicing and repairs. When Auto King needed better performing AdWords results… Continue reading

Power Up Unlocked – Google AdWords Certified Partner

I miss playing the old school platform games that you got so excited when you “Unlocked The Power Up”. It was always a talking and bragging point for the next week at school, the ladies didn’t think so however. But anyway, our last email today was from the Google Gods passing on the awesome news… Continue reading

How Does Google Search Work & How Do I Contact Google Directly To Pay Them?

At just about every new client meeting that is related to our SEO services, you are asked how does Google work and who do I contact Google directly to pay them? I normally replay that if I tell them how to contact Google I would be out of a job (with a cheeky smile on… Continue reading

Drop Everything & Read These 6 SEO Articles

Take a few minutes to read a few of the blog posts that I found last week surfing this thing the kids call the “internet“. Yes they are SEO related so if you are not interested in improving your website performance in the search engines, hold on, of course you are interested, otherwise your business… Continue reading

Is Your mCommerce Website Mobile Friendly?

Internet enabled smartphones and tables have changed the way we do a lot of things in our everyday life and they are even affecting the way we shop online!! If your mCommerce website is not mobile friendly, take a few minutes to read the below articles and I think you will want to make the… Continue reading

Google Gives You GoMo – A Mobile Website Tool

Google wants to help you get into the world of mobile friendly websites because it is booming, especially with mCommerce websites and they have created a tool to help you see how your website appears on mobile devices, evaluates how user friendly the site is and even give you recommendations on what you can do… Continue reading